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Calgary Transit, is a city-owned organization which runs the buses and light rail transit (the "LRT".

To use transit (except the free downtown LRT zone) you must pay a fare with exact change, tickets, bought in books of ten, or show a monthly bus pass. The LRT is used on the honor system, though enforced by transit police outside the downtown. LRT tickets can be bought form coin-operated dispensers on each platform. You should remember to validate tickets before boarding the LRT using the dispensers on the platforms.

One way:$3.15$2.10
Day Pass:$9.50$6.75
10-Ticket Book:$31.50$21.00
Monthly Passes:$99.0060.00

Effective January 1, 2015

Premium Express fares ar regular fare + 50 cents.

Passes may be purchased at Calgary Transit Customer Services which is located at 240 7th Ave SW, the Parker's C-Train station vendors, any Co-op, Safeway, 7-11 or Mac's convenience store. City transit passes allow the rider unlimited use of buses and the LRT for the month purchased.

If you are visiting many places in one day with several stops along the way, get a Day Pass (NOT a 24 hour pass). If you're travelling daily, you can save with a Monthly Pass. Senior citizens, resident in Calgary, can buy an annual pass at a reduced price. You can also purchase a booklets of 10 tickets for $14.50 for adults ($9.00 for children between 6 and 12).

Hours of Service

Major bus routes start around 5:30am and finish around 12:20am.

The southbound Somerset/Bridlewood C-Train leaves its station at 5:08am with the last train leaving downtown at approx. 12:54am. The Northbound Dalhousie departs for downtown at 5:52am and the Northeast bound Whitehorn train begins its run at 5:46am. Last trains for both Dalhousie and Whitehorn leave downtown at approx. 12:20am. (later during Stampede Week).

Customer Service & Information

There are several services to help you use Calgary Transit safely, effectively and efficiently. For schedules and route information call 262-1000 Mon - Fri 6:00 am-11 pm and Sat & Sun 8:00 am-9:30 pm. A city transit representative will provide the best route based on your starting point and your destination. Feedback for Calgary Transit may be given to the same phone number.

The Calgary Transit Customer Service Center, located at 240 7th Ave. SW., dispenses passes, tickets, lost & found, bus schedules or maps. Its hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm.

Security and Safety

Calgary Transit has an extensive security network, including intercoms and help phones in all C-train stations and cars. In addition, each train station is under 24 hour video surveillance. Those who visually monitor stationscan quickly dispatch security officers if needed.

Access for Persons with Limited Mobility

Calgary Transit has taken several steps to make riding the bus and LRT easier for everyone. All C-train stations and platforms are now accessible to people with limited mobility. The centre doors on each C-Train are marked with wheelchair decals and the vertical grab bars are modified to allow wheelchair access. Lap belts on trains guard against wheelchair movement.
Calgary Transit has been coverting its fleet to "kneeling busses") to accomodate the elderly and those in wheelchairs. These low floor busses are equipped with retractable ramps.


LRT at Marlborough Station Unloading
The C-Train operates on two routes. Route 201 ("Northwest/Southwest") travels between Tuscany in the Northwest to Somerset/Bridlewood in the Southwest. This route provides service to: The University of Calgary, McMahon Stadium, SAIT, Alberta College of Art, Jubilee Auditorium, Downtown, Stampede Park, the Olympic Saddledome, Chinook Centre and the Macleod Trail shopping corridor, and Somerset is close to Spruce Meadows.

Route 202 ("Northeast") travels from Whitehorn station in the Northeast to 69th St. SW in the city;s west. This route serves the Max Bell arena, the Calgary Zoo, and the 32 Street NE shopping corridor up to the McKnight-Westwinds station.

Downtown Free Fare Zone

One of former Mayor (and later, premier) Ralph Klein's legacies is the free rides on the LRT downtown. You can ride the LRT for free between any platforms along 7th Avenue. Just get off downtown.To the west it passes the Greyhound Station, and Westbook Mall. You cannot ride to the Stampede Grounds for free.

When not riding the Free Fare Zone, it is in your best interest to have a valid train ticket or transfer. The fine for not having a valid ticket or transfer is $150 for your first offense and $250 for any repeat offense.

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