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Transportation: Buses

SMT Bus Terminal in Fredericton If you are travelling as a group, or if you are traveling alone, taking the bus makes a lot of sense. Fredericton has several bus-friendly transportation options for the traveller. The terminal in Fredericton is at 85 Hubbard Road (506) 458-6000. You can catch, or connect to, the following bus lines:

  • Acadian Lines (to/from Nova Scotia)
  • Greyhound Canada (to/from Ontario and Western Canada)
  • Greyhound U.S.A. (to/from U.S.A.)
  • SMT (Eastern) Ltd
  • Voyageur (to/from Quebec and Ontario)

If you need to get into town from the airport, just take the taxi. A one-way fare from downtown is $10-15, what a shared shuttle bus would cost in most cities.You can also charter a bus for special group travel, whether its a company or team visiting the city, a ball game, or going skiing.

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