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Movie Ratings & Advisories

FoundLocally believes that parents should have access to the best information about the movies their children see.

Advisories enable parents to decide just what kind of entertainment content their kids may (or may not) see. Because we do movie listings for cities in several provinces, we see both the ratings (G, PG, 14A...) and the advisories from over 2100 screens in movie theatres from coast to coast.

We consider the theatres published advisory and combine the strictest comments recommended by the various provincial film review boards. We've noticed that some provinces are more concerned about sexual content, some foul language, others violence, while another targets intolerance. Not all cinemas publish advisories, especially after a film has been out for awhile.

While some parents may be concerned about all of the above, while others may (based on the age and maturity of their children) feel that some of these elements may be acceptable or appropriate. We let YOU make the decision!

Here is a summary of the different film ratings used:

Rating Shown

What this rating generally means


Suitable for all audiences including young children


Suitable for young children with parents in attendance (ie, slight violence in a fairy tale)

14 Years, PA

Children must be over 14 years (more real violence, some mature themes)

18 Adult, AA

Those over 18 or adult-accompanied teens may attend (more violence, adult relationships portrayed)


Must be over 18 years, ID checked (graphic depictions of violence and sex)


Subject to Classification - not known when movie listings posted

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