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Attractions: Okanagan Fruit Seasons

There's nothing healthier than fresh fruits and vegetables. You can get these at your local supermarket, or from the proliferation of summertime roadside stands. Here are the dates for the more popular summer fruits and vegetables in the Okanagan:

Tree fruit
Blossom Dates Harvest Dates
Apples May 5 - May 20 August 15 - October 30
Apricots April 10 - April 25 July 20 - August 10
Cherries April 20 - May 7 July 1 - August 1
Peaches April 20 - May 2 July 25 - September 1
Pears April 25 - May 10 August 15 - September 30
Prunes/Plums April 28 - May 10 August 15 - September 10
Berries & Melons
Blackberries July - August
Blueberries July - August
Cantaloupe August 4 - First Frost
Raspberries July - August
Strawberries June - July
Watermelon August - September
Asparagus May - June 15
Beans July onwards
Beets July - September
Broccoli June - September
Sweet Corn August - September
Cucumbers July - September
Garlic July onwards
Lettuce June onwards
Peas June-July
Peppers end July - first frost
Hot Peppers early August - first frost
Pumpkins September 10 - end October
Radishes June onwards
Tomatoes July - first frost

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