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Barrhaven is a suburban area to the southwest corner of the city of Ottawa. It lies in the middle of the Greenbelt (south of Fallowfield Rd) between the Rideau River and Highway 416, with the small Jock River on the south.

Barrhaven was established in the 1960s, one of the new suburbs built outside the NCC Greenbelt surrounding the city of Ottawa. What was a 200 acre farm became a new subdivision, with both large suburban homes and community big box shopping with stores like Wal-Mart, Staples and Winners. The community is named for Mel Barr , the original developer, but also nicknamed "Far Haven" or "The Haven".

Longfields is the eastern portion of Barrhaven, between Longfields Drive, Strandherd Drive and Woodroffe Avenue. Chapman Hills is located south of Strandherd, closest to the Jock River.

Pheasant Run and Fraservale are on the western side of Barrhaven between Cedarview and Jockvale.

Barrhaven has a population of 52,000.The community has good access to the 416 Highway, and to the adjoining Longfields station on the Transitway. Barrhaven-Aerial View, With 416


The earliest homes in Barrhaven date back to the 1960s and 1970s. Homes in Longfields were mostly built in the late 1990s during Barrhaven's major expansion. Recent development is clustered near the intersection of Longfields Drive and Strandherd Road. There are plans for low-rise condominiums buildings.

Barrhaven is a relatively new neighbourhood in Ottawa, with under 5% of homes pre-dating 1970, 30% built between 1971 and 1980 and 58% between 1981 and 1990, about 6% of homes were built 1991 - 1995, and fewer than 2% built since 1996. In 2006, Barrhaven had 5,845 dwellings: 59% were single detached, 11% are semi-detached, 28% are row houses, and 2% were other types. 94% owned their homes, and 6% of residents were renters.

New Barrhaven-Stonebridge (surrounding the original Barrhaven) is a new neighbourhood, with only 3% f homes pre-dating 1970, 16% built 1971-1990, 15% from 1991 - 1995, and the majority (47%) of homes were built since 2001. New Barrhaven-Stonebridge has about 7,000 dwellings, of which 54% are single family detached, 11% are semi-detached, 33% are row houses, less than 1% is apartment duplexes, and 2% are low-rise apartments. The great majority of homes (93%0 are owned, while 7% of residents are renters.


Barrhaven has 5 public, 3 Catholic, and one Christian elementary schools, one public middle school, and a public and a aCathlic high school.


and a variety of big-box stores and small local shops.


W.C. Levesque Park is located on Riverstone Drive and spans more than 24 acres running along the Jock River. The park consists of four soccer/playing fields 9used for soccer, cricket, and ultimate Frisbee), a large play structure, four swings, a gazebo and four soccer/playing fields.

Kilbirnie Park has a splash pad with multi-sprinklers and jets, as well as an extensive playground with 3 structures and swings. Kilbirnie Park also features both a mini and a large soccer pitch, as well as a lighted hockey rink for winter skating/hockey.

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