Bayshore, Michele Heights - Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Bayshore is the city's far west, is bounded east by Bayshore Drive, to the north Carling Avenue, and to the south is the Queensway/417 with most housing alongside Woodridge Cr. It is home to Ottawa's largest shopping centres; Bayshore Mall and one of Ottawa's largest movie theatres, the Coliseum. The community has plenty of stores & services. This area forms a denser cluster of high-rises and condos that someone noted, that if you looked on any page of the Ottawa phone book, someone there would be living on Woodridge Cr in Bayshore.

The Fairfield Heights community lies east of Bayshore Drive, between Richmond Rd & Carling Avenue. This neighbourhood has a slightly lower density. It has high-rises and condos clustered along Bayshore Drive, and single family homes to the east, around the Coliseum Theatre. Closer to Pinecrest Rd is the Michele Heights neighbourhood. To the west of Holly Acres Drive (or just "Acres Drive") is the Stonehedge neighbourhood.

Over the years, the community has become a vibrant ethnic mix, including Somali, Arabic, other African, and Asian.

OC Transpo has a large station near Bayshore linking to the city, and the Queensway/417 makes most of the city just a quick drive away.


The community was first developed as a primarily rental community in the mid 1960s by the Minto Group. Over the 1970s and 1980s, more townhouses and high-rises were built. The neighbourhood is low-income housing and rentals. The homes are townhouses (row houses), garden homes and high-rise condominiums buildings. In 2011, Minto changed the community's name to Accora Village. In Michelle Heights, the majority of residential units consist of small homes, townhouses and apartment buildings. In the Stonehedge community, adjoining Acres Rd, the homes are mostly single-family.

Bayshore is a relatively new neighbourhood; though 13% of homes pre-date 1960, the majority of homes (61%) were built between 1961 and 1980, with 15 built between 1981 and 1990, 8% built between 1991 and 2000, and only 1% constructed after 2001.

By 2006, Bayshore had 2,969 dwellings: 8% were single detached, 2% are semi-detached, 33% are row houses, and 56% were apartments with more than 5 stories. The great majority (79%) of residents rented and 21% owned their homes


Bayshore Catholic, Dr. F.J. McDonald Catholic schools are


The community is home to the Bayshore Shopping Centre, built in 1973 and expanded to two floors in 1987.


The community has a number of parks including Judge Park, Michelle Park, Bayshore Park, and Bayshore Community Center. Bayshore Park features a baseball diamond and a few soccer fields. In Michelle Heights, there is the Michele Heights Community Center, outdoor basketball courts, seasonal wading pool, baseball diamond and The Michele Heights Community Garden. The National Capital Commission (NCC) bike path can take you west to Kanata, or east along the Ottawa River to downtown Ottawa. Across Carling Avenue, is the Andrew Haydon Park with lots of picnic areas, a marina (Nepean Sailing Club), several ponds (popular with radio controlled sailboats) and bike paths.

The community is home to the Players' Coliseum movie theatre on Carling Avenue (which replaced a drive-in movie theater back in the early 1990s)

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