Bel-Air Heights, Bel-Air Park, Copeland Park - Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

These communities are nestled between the Queensway/417 and Baseline Road, and Clyde Ave. Bel Air Heights neighbourhood is an English-speaking neighbourhood, with a mix of houses, condos or and ready access to shopping Bel-Air Heights is a neighbourhood in the west end of Ottawa. It is bounded on the east by Agincourt Road, on the south by Baseline Road, on the west by Navaho Drive and the Bel-Air Park neighbourhood and on the north by Braemar Park neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is mostly a middle class housing neighbourhood. The lower income housings are closer to Baseline Rd.

Copeland Park is east of Agincourt Road and extends east to Clyde Avenue and Central Park. Most of the neighbourhood was built over the 1950's and 1960's. In the 1970's Minto built the 21-storey "Castle Hill" high rise at Castle Hill Crescent & Clyde Avenue, overlooking the parkland. Over that decade, more townhouses and three high-rises were built on Baseline Road at Clyde Avenue.

Most of the homes were built in 1959 and 1960. There are a few apartments on Baseline and Navaho that were built later on. The neighbourhood has three parks; Agincourt Park, Ainsley Park and Navaho Park.


All of the homes in Bel-Air Park were built between 1955 and 1958, and the homes in Bel-Air Heights were built over the 1950s and 1960s. Most of the houses are middle- high class families. On Riddell Street South, there are some townhouses.

Braemar Park-Bel Air Heights-Copeland Park is a somewhat older neighbourhood, and has experienced limited housing development in recent decades. Only 2% of homes were pre-date 1946, 43% were built between 1946 and 1960, 49% were built 1961 - 1980, and only 6% were built since 198. Of the neighbourhood's 3,300 dwellings 53% are single family, 7% are semi-detached, 3% are row houses, 33% are apartments in structure higher than 5 stories and 3% are low-rise apartments. The majority (70%) of residents owned their homes, and 30% of residents rented.


The neighbourhood has 2 public elementary schools, a Catholic elementary school, and French elementary, and is served by Woodroffe High School, to the north. It is also home to the Torah Academy Jewish School.


Shoppers City West is across Baseline Rd, and the Merivale shopping strip is just a little southwest of the community.


The community is bisected by an east-west recreational pathway, which connects Navaho Park, Bel Air Park, Ainsley Park, Braemar Park, and Agincourt Park. This connects east into the Central Experimental Farm and Dow's Lake, and west to the Ottawa River Parkway along the Ottawa River. The Boy Scouts Museum (and headquarters) is just to the east of the community, on Baseline Rd.

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