Borden Farm, Parkwood Hills, Fisher Heights, Fisher Glen -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

These neighbourhoods like in the quadrant south of Baseline Rd between Fisher Ave and Merivale/Clyde Roads, extending south to the Nepean Creek parklands.

Borden Farm is a neighbourhood built over the period 1967-1977, on the site of the former Borden Dairy Farm. This neighbourhood is close to Merivale High School and the Merivale Acres Business Park on Colonnade Rd.

Carleton Heights lies west of Fisher Rd, and south of Meadowlands Drive. Fisher Heights lies west of Fisher Rd and between Meadowlands and Baseline Rd & the Central Experimental Farm. The area closest to Nepean Creek, which flows east into the Rideau River is Fisher Glen. The Skyline neighbourhood, closest to the Loblaws Plaza, at the northwest corner of this community

Parkwood Hills lies south of Meadowlands Drive, and was developed between 1959 and 1972, and was strongly influenced by Californian community layouts and house models. In 1967 Minto built Canada's first high-rise condominium development, Horizon House, on Meadowlands Drive at Chesterton.

There is the Borden Farm Child Care Center on Chesterton Drive.


The single family homes with parks and bikeways placed behind the houses, instead of on the streets. There was more development in the 1980's and early 1990's.

One of the housing developments found alongside the Borden Farm neighbourhood is Fisher Glen, built in the early 1980s.

Borden Farm has a variety of apartment blocks, townhouses and single-family houses Minto is the owner and property manager of many of the multi-residence rental buildings, including some low-rise apartment buildings.

Borden Farm-Stewart Farm-Parkwood Hills-Fisher Glen is a relatively new neighbourhood, with 14% of homes pre-dating 1960, 35% of homes constructed between 1961 and 1970, 16% between 1971 and 1980, 29% from 1981 - 1990, and 7% were constructed since 1991. Of this community's4,300 dwellings, 36% were single family, 12% are semi-detached, 13% are row houses, 24% were apartments in structures higher than 5 stories, and 14% were apartments with under 5 stories. About 63% of the residents owned their own homes and 37% were renters.


It is home to four parks, and three schools Omer Deslauries High School (before 2005, J.S. Woodsworth High School), Century Public School and Merivale High School.

Fisher Heights is home to the Ottawa Islamic School/Ottawa Waldorf School.

Public schools in Nepean are administered by Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (Parkwood Hills, Century, Sir Winston Churchill, J.S. Woodsworth and Merivale High School). Catholic schools are administered by the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board (Frank Ryan and St. Rita). Amalgamation of some schools has been recently recommended, due to a fall in student numbers.[15]

Most of the houses in Skyline were built between the early 1950s to the early 1960s. In the 1970s townhouses and a 12-storey high rise were built along Eleanor by Minto Developments Inc. More townhomes were built in community over the 1980s.


There's a small shopping strip on Viewmount Drive, but residents do most of their shopping along the Merivale shopping strip, including Meadowlands Mall. Merivale Mall is a short walking distance from the neighbourhood.


Parkwood Hills has its Recreation Centre in Meadowland Mall, and the community is home to the City View Curling Club

General Burns Park has an outdoor public swimming pool, 4 tennis courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, a children's play area, and a winter outdoor rink for ice hockey & skating.

To the north lie the open expanses of the Central Experimental Farm. These communities have close access to Mooney's Bay, the Rideau River, and the Rideau Canal.

There is the Merivale Centennial Arena nearby on Merivale Rd, and a running track beside Merivale High School. There is also a YMCA/YWCA with a variety of sports faculties on Colonnade Rd, off Merivale. The is also the Nepean Sportsplex is on Woodroffe Avenue (just south of Hunt Club) with an indoor pool, ice arena, and racquet sports facilities.

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