Carling, Carlingwood, Laurentian -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

This community runs along Carling Avenue from Dow's Lake through Ottawa's West End. On the south, much of it borders the Central Experimental Farm. East of Kirkwood, The Queensway/417 lies north of these neighbourhoods, and west of Kirkwood (highlighted by Westgate Plaza on the north and strip of hotels on the north), the Queensway lies to the south of these communities. Transit and road access in this area is excellent, including the Carling Station on the O-Train line.

Laurentian sometimes called "Civic Hospital" is the neighbourhood north of Carling Avenue, named after the neighbourhood's Ottawa Civic Hospital, The community is Civic Hospital is bounded on the west by Island Park Drive, on the north by Queensway, on the east by the O-Train. Government offices are nearby: east to Dow's Lake and Preston Street, and north via Holland Ave to Tunney's Pasture.

Glabar Park Park is north of the Queensway, and lies between Woodroffe Avenue and Maitland. Its closeness to Carlingwood is offset by two parks: Kingsmere Park and Castlewood Park which have a double- sized hockey and skating rink in the winter and a wading pool in the summer months

The population of this area is about 16,000.
Carlingwood Shopping Centre


The Glabar Park neighbourhood was first built in the late 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. In 1985 townhouses were built along Esterlawn Drive, just behind Fairlawn Mall. These days, some houses along Carling Avenue have demolished to build low-rise apartments.

This community, west of Dow's Lake has a mix of older and newer housing. Many homes (21%) pre-date 1946, 27% were built 1946 - 1970, 21% were built 1980 - 1995,and another 31% were built after 1996 with the addition of the Central Park development to the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood south of Carling Avenue has 3,800 dwellings: 42% are single detached, 13% are semi-detached, 17% are row houses, 22% are high-rise apartments, 4.8% are low-rise apartments, and 2% are other types of dwellings. One third (34%) of residents rented and 66% owned their homes.

The neighbourhood north of Carling is mature, and experienced limited growth over recent decades. 15% of homes in this area pre-dated 1946, and 47% of homes were built 1946 - 1960, 23% between 1961 and 1970, with 11% built 1971 -1980, and only 8% constructed after 1981. This area has 4,300 dwellings, of which 49% are single detached, 4% are semi-detached, less than 1% are row houses, 34% were apartments with more than 5 stories and 12% were apartments with less than 5 stories. More than half (54%) of the residents in this neighbourhood owned their homes while 46% rented.


The Civic Hospital neighbourhood is served by It is served by 3 elementary schools, and one middle school. Glabar Park is served by an elementary/middle school.


Fairlawn Mall & Carlingwood are on the western end of Carling, and Westgate Shopping Centre is at the Queensway/Carling/Kirkwood interchange.


Since 1974, Preston and its side streets are closed to traffic for a week each June for the Italian Week festival.

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