Forbes & Finter Quarries, Cyrville - Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Forbes lies south of Montreal Road and between of the Aviation Parkway and St Laurent Blvd. The area was once just outside Ottawa's municipal boundary. The total population of the neighbourhood is about 8,000

The area north of Montreal Road between St Laurent Blvd and the Aviation Parkway is called Finter Quarries, being developed on land that used to be a quarry. East of Aviation Parkway is the Montfort Hospital. Because the neighbourhood is located around where Cyrville Road connects with St Laurent Blvd, it is also called Cyrville.


This area is a relatively new neighbourhood; although 19% of the homes pre-date 1960, with 19% built 1961 - 1970, 30% built 1971 - 1980, 17% built between 1981 and 1995, and 15% built after 1996. Of the neighbourhood's 3,300 dwellings 7% are single family, 8% are semi-detached, 45% are row houses, 27% are apartments in high-rises, 10% are low-rise, and 2% are other types of dwellings. Over half (55%) of this neighbourhood's residents rented, while 45% owned their homes.


The neighbourhood is home to Rideau High School.


There is lots of shopping along St Laurent Blvd, and the nearby St Laurent Shopping Centre, beside the Queensway/417.


The neighbourhood is home to St. Laurent Park and Forbes Park

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