Hull, Quebec -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities


Hull is across the Ottawa River from Ottawa, nestled between the broad Gatineau River on the east and the parklands below the Eardley Escarpment on the west (roughly to the Champlain Bridge). Hull's housing market has been up and down, depending on the separatist leanings of the provincial government, but for that reason has consistently offered the lower housing prices than the Ontario side, though at the cost of higher provincial income taxes.


Hull has a number of older neighbourhoods, both in the Downtown area (east of the Brasserie Creek) and west of it in Wrightville. Established neighbourhoods are further north of St Raymond with homes there dating back to the 1960s and 70s. There are some pretty communities close to the Ottawa River, around the Université du Quebec à Hull, including Tetreau, Jardins Mackenzie King and Jardins Alexandre Taché.

Further to the west is Manoir des Trembles, with over two thousand homes built in the 1980s and 90s, with prices ranging from $90,000 up to $350,000. Further north, and nudging against Gatineau Park, is the new community of du Plateau, which was developed mostly in the 1990s, with another 3500 homes planned over the next decade or so.

\ To the north end of the city is the Hautes-Plaines area and the community of Chelsea, where you can buy single-family detached, semi-detached and multi-family homes for prices ranging from $90,000 up to $350,000.


University De Hull Hull has 2 public and 5 Catholic elementary schools, a Catholic high school, a University, a CEGEP, and two public libraries. It is also close to the downtown Ottawa campus of the U of O.


Leamy Lake Park The area has a number of shopping malls clustered along St Joseph Boulevard.


There is lots of recreation in the area, focused primarily on all the activities in Gatineau Park which include swimming, camping, biking, skiing, hiking and snowshoeing, plus boating along the Gatineau River and in Leamy Lake (which also has a beach). The community also has 2 ice arenas and an outdoor pool. For the passively minded, there is a cinema, several museums, a performing arts centre and the Casino de Hull. In the winter, there is outdoor ice skating on the frozen Brasserie Creek.

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