Leslie Park, Arlington, Trend Village -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

These communities (in what was formerly Nepean) lie west of Greenbank Road, between Baseline Road and Hunt Club Road, and have close access to lots of Greenbelt lands to the west, separating them from Bells Corners.

Leslie Park is a mature neighbourhood with some of the oldest trees in the Ottawa area (some over 100 years old) just southwest of Baseline & Greenbank Roads. To the south, across the railway tracks, are the neighbourhoods of Trend Village and Arlington Woods, surrounded by open green space. The main road through Arlington Woods & Trend Village is McClellan Road, which is renamed Banner Road at its north end. These residential neighbourhoods are located near the Pinecrest cemetery and the Queensway-Carleton hospital.

This community has a population of 5,220 residents. Nepean-Hunt Club Rd-Knosxdale-Ben Franklin Park-Superdome


Leslie Park was developed by the Campeau Corporation between 1968 and 1980. In Leslie Park, there are townhouses along Monterey Drive in the stone brick English style. Over the early 1970s more townhouses were added along Costello Avenue. In the early 2000s, more townhouses were built west of Guthrie along Monterey Drive.

The homes in Trend Village and Arlington Woods are almost exclusively single-family homes, built in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Trend Village was the first area to be developed, over 1964-1968; Sheehan Estatesthe northern tip of the neighbourhood was completed in 1969-1973 and the Estates of Arlington Woods were developed during 1984 and 1985

Briar Green-Leslie Park is a relatively new neighbourhood, with only 3% of homes pre-dating 1960, 44% of homes built 1961 - 1970, 28% between 1981 and 1990, 19% 1971 - 1980, and 6% of homes were built after 1991. Of the community's 2,100 dwellings: 33% are single family, 7% are semi-detached, 39% are row houses, 18% are high-rise apartments (over 5 stories), and 2% are low-rise apartments. The great majority of residents (76%) own their homes and 24% of residents rent. Nepean-Arlington Woods - Greenbank Square Plaza


These neighbourhoods have two public elementary schools, one Catholic. Middle school students attend Knoxdale , and secondary school students attend Sir Robert Borden High School (just across Greenbank) or St Paul Catholic School (just across Baseline).

37% of dwellings date back to 1961-1970, and 54% of home were constructed between 1971 and 1980, and 5% built 1981 - 1985, with the remaining 3% built after 1986. Of the 1,500 dwellings in the community, 45% of these were single family, 7% are semi-detached, 35% are row houses, less than 1% is apartment duplexes, and 14% were apartments higher than 5 stories. The great majority (77%) owned their own homes, while 22% of residents rented.


These neighbourhoods are served by Pinecrest Mall and Bayshore Shopping centre, and some small plazas at Greenbank & Baseline, and at Greenbank Plaza in Arlington Woods.


The community association in Leslie Park maintains its own outdoor pool for members/residents. There is a public indoor pool & arena to the east along Baseline, and outdoor pool and arena to the west in Bell's Corners. Arlington Woods has a large off-leash dog park

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