Prince of Wales, Courtland Park, Carleton Heights -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

This neighbourhood is on the west side of the Rideau River & Mooney's Bay, between Baseline Rd and Meadowlands Dr, extending west to Fisher Ave.

Courtland Park and Rideau View neighbourhoods along Prince of Wales Drive have access to beautiful Mooney's Bay, Hog's Back Park and so much more. The community is known as Prince of Wales, for all the high rises with scenic river views along Prince of Wales Drive, south of Baseline. Right alongside the river is Rideauview Terrace.

This community has a diversity of places of worship, including the Rideauview Bible Church, a Greek Orthodox church, the Ukrainian Catholic Shrine, and the Temple Israel synagogue.

The neighbourhood has a population of about 8,000 residents.


The stretch along Prince of Wales Drive has a number of high rise condos, built to take advantage of the views of Mooney's Bay, the Rideau River and the Central Experimental Farm.

Apartments Buildings Along Prince Of Wales Drive Carleton Heights was developed right after World War II. While most homes were "vet homes" built before 1950, more homes were built in the 1960s and 1970s. Over time, the smaller vet homes were replaced by larger, more expensive homes. Part of Courtland Park was built on the former Auto Sky Drive-In (1949-1981) on the southeast corner of Baseline & Fisher, replaced by townhouses.

Rideau View has a low-income housing project designed and built by the Ottawa Housing Corporation. There are four high-rise condominiums on Prince of Wales at the corner of Dynes and Meadowlands.

Carleton Heights-Rideauview is a relatively new neighbourhood, with 13% of homes pre-dating 1960, and the majority of homes (70%) were built 1961 - 1980, with about 17% built since 1981.

Of the area's 2,700 dwellings: 26% were detached single family, 6% are semi-detached, 25% are row houses, 40% were apartments in buuildings over 5 stories, and 3% were other types of dwellings. About half (51%) of the residents rented their homes, while 49% owned their own homes.


The schools that serve the neighbourhood are Brookfield High School, Carleton Heights Elementary School, McGregor Easson Public School, St.Pius X High School and Carleton University.


There are small plazas scattered around the community, but most residents head to the Merivale Shopping strip west of the neighbourhood.


The community is laced with small parks, and is home to the Carleton Heights community centre, the Debra-Dynes community outreach centre, and the Carleton Heights Curling Club. There is the Burns Park outdoor pool to the west and the Mooney's Bay Beach to the east across Hogs Back Rd. The community is close to Hogs Back Park and Mooney's Bay Park with lots of open space & picnic grounds, as well as the Terry Fox Athletic Facility. The community has excellent access to bike pathways along the Rideau Canal into downtown, along the Rideau River, and through the Central Experimental Farm.

The Greek Festival is held every August at the Greek Orthodox Church on Prince of Wales.

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