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Rockcliffe Park is one of Ottawa's wealthiest and most historical neighbourhoods. The residential area features winding streets, large lots with mature trees, and few sidewalks for heightened privacy. Rockcliffe is home to many embassies, ambassadors, dignitaries and more recently, leaders of the high tech industry. Rockcliffe Park is also home to two of Ottawa's most prestigious private schools; Elmwood and Ashbury. Rockcliffe was an independent village from1926 until 2001 when it was amalgamated into Ottawa.

Rockcliffe Park is home to many Ottawa notables Including the leader of the Official Opposition at Stornoway, and many ambassadors to Canada, including the ambassadors of Argentina, China, Colombia, Denmark, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, South Korea, Sweden, the United States, and Venezuela.

One of the areas of Rockcliffe Park is Manor Park. There is discussion about the development of the lands of the former Canadian Forces Base CFB Rockcliffe for housing.

This community has a population of about 5,000, of whom 49% are unilingual English, 50% are bilingual, and 1% are unilingual French. Rockcliffe House with squirrel


The area is exclusively large and expensive single-family housing.

Rockcliffe-Manor Park is a predominantly older neighbourhood, but has experienced some development in recent decades. Nineteen (19) percent of the 2000 dwellings predate 1946, 47% were built 1946 - 1960, 28% were built 1961 - 1995 and 8% were built after 1996. Fifty Six percent (56%) are single family, 36% are row houses, 4% were high-rise apartments, and 3% are apartment duplexes or low-rise apartments. The great majority (72%) of residents owned their homes, while 28% rented. Rockcliffe House as embassy


prestigious schools like Ashbury College and Elmwood School, The area is home to one public school, Rockcliffe Park Public School (RPPS), and two private schools: Elmwood School and Ashbury College.


Neighbouring Lindenlea and New Edinburgh provide some commercia l districts that server the purely residential Rockcliffe.


Rideau Hall guards, in Rockcliffe Within Rockcliffe Park you'll also find a strong and active residents' association that upkeeps such things as a neighbourhood watch program, the local tennis club, and community hall. On the cliffs overlooking the Ottawa River is Rockcliffe Park with the Rockcliffe Parkway. The park has several parking lots along its length, providing access to the lawns, wooded areas, and lookouts. There is also the small McKay Lake (a Meromictic lake, like Pinks Lake), Sand Pits Lake, and the NCC-maintained Rockeries rock garden.

To the east is the Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport which is home to the Rockcliffe Flying Club, and the Canadian Aerospace Museum.

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