Ryan Farm, Meadowlands, Cityview, Crestview -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

The mature communities lie between Woodroffe and Merivale, south of Baseline, extending south past Meadowlands Drive to the railway track. The neighbourhoods are close to Algonquin College's Woodroffe Campus, the Transitway, and the Merivale Shopping corridor.

Navaho is a rental community, run by Minto, just east of Navaho Dr, south of Baseline Rd. City View lies south of Baseline Rd west of Merivale Road/Clyde Avenue, and north of Meadowlands Drive. Ryan Farm is to the northeast of Woodroffe and Meadowlands, wrapped around the Algonquin College campus. Meadowlands is the community south of Meadowlands Drive W, between Woodroffe and Merivale, and north of the railway tracks. Crestview is the area closest to the railway tracks.

City View existed as a police village from 1954 to 1974, when it was also known as known as St. Claire Gardens. Because of its older history, the City View neighbourhood is set up with a grid pattern of streets


Most of the homes in City View were built in the 1930s and 1940s. Since 2000, some of the home were demolished and built into new ones. The homes in Ryan Farm and Meadowlands date back to the late1960s and 1970s.

Crestview-Meadowlands is a somewhat older neighbourhood, with only 2% of homes pre-dating 1946. 36% of homes here were built 1946 - 1960, and most homes (49%) were built 1961 - 1980 and, with another 12% built after 1981. The community has 3,400 dwellings, of which 70% were single family, 3.6% are semi-detached, 5.4% are row houses, 11% were high-rise apartments higher than 5 stories, 8.4% were apartments under 5 stories, and 2% were duplexes. The majority (70%) of residents owned their homes and 30% rented. West End-Baseline & Merivale - Agriculture Canada Buildings


The neighbourhood is right next to Algonquin College, and contains Elizabeth Wynwood High School, and Adult Day School, and is close to Merivale High School. The community is home to two public elementary schools and is also home to the Canadian Montessori Academy.


The community is to Shoppers City West at Baseline & Woodroffe on one side, and to the Merivale Rd shopping corridor on the other.


It contains a number of small parks; St. Nicholas Park, Starwood Park, City View Park and Doug Frobel Park. The neighbourhood also contains the Nepean Museum The Crestview park outdoor pool is in the south end of this community. City View Curling Club is on the other side of Merivale on Capilano Drive.

The Nepean Sportsplex is on Woodroffe Avenue (just south of Hunt Club) with an indoor pool, ice arena, and racquet sports facilities. There is also the Merivale Centennial Arena nearby on Merivale Rd, and a running track beside Merivale High School. There is also a YMCA/YWCA with a variety of sports facilities on Colonnade Rd, off Merivale.

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