The Glebe, Dow's Lake -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

The Glebe is just south of Ottawa's downtown area, separated by the Queensway/417 highway. It is bounded by the Rideau Canal to the south and east and Bronson Ave and Dow's Lake to the west. The area's population is about 11,000 with a strong family concentration.

The area is called the Glebe, because in the initial 1837 survey of Ottawa allocated the area to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (officially "the glebe lands of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church"). When the area was developed in the 1870s, as one of Ottawa's first suburbs, real estate agents simply referred to it as "The Glebe". In 1900, the Ottawa Electric Street Railway ran one of its first routes running south along Bank Street, so workers living in the Glebe could take the street car to work.

Some Glebe upscale residences were designed by renowned Canadian architects like W.E. Noffke and David Younghusband, while others were pattern-book homes built by local builders based on catalog designs from elsewhere in North America.

After WWII, the Glebe's middle class moved to the newer suburbs of Alta Vista and Nepean, and the Glebe became a predominantly working-class neighbourhood with the houses subdivided into multiple apartments or rooming houses. By the 1970s the area became one of Ottawa's elite neighbourhoods and attracted increasing numbers of white collar university grads who earned 18% above the city's average.

The Glebe-Dows Lake community has 11,000 residents, which are about half English-only and half bilingual.


Much of the rest of the Glebe consists of detached homes, many of them constructed in the early decades of the 20th century. Some of these homes are middle-class owner-occupied family residences, while others have been subdivided into multiple rental apartments.

Glebe-Dows Lake is an older neighbourhood; with 72% of homes built before 1946, with 12% built 1946 - 1960, 10% built 1961 - 1981, and only 6% were built since 1981. The Glebe has 4,600 dwellings, of which 35% were single family, 11% are semi-detached, 9% duplexes, 45% are row houses, 11% were high rise apartments, 30% were low-rise apartments with less than 5 stories, and 8.2% were duplexes. Slightly more than half of residents (56%) owned their homes and 44% rented.


The area has 3 elementary schools, 2 junior highs nearby, and 3 high schools (2 public, 1 catholic). It is also close to Carleton University to the southwest and Ottawa U to the northeast.


The stretch of Bank Street that runs through the Glebe is one of Ottawa's premier shopping areas, with many small stores and restaurants offering a wide variety of services.


The area is home to Lansdowne Park and Frank Clair Stadium, home to the CFL Ottawa Renegades, and the University of Ottawa's Gee-Gees. It is also home to the Ottawa Civic Centre, which is home ice for the Ottawa 67s. Jutting from the Rideau Canal are Patterson Creek and Brown's Inlet, which are surrounded by parks and some of the city's most expensive homes.

Along the Rideau Canal are extensive recreational pathways, and in the winter time, the canal becomes the Skateway

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