Viscount Alexander Park -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Viscount Alexander Park is a neighbourhood nestled between the Rockcliffe Parkway on the north, St Laurent Blvd to the west, and Montreal Road to the south and Blair Road to the east. The community is home to the Rockcliffe Airport and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, as well as the Monfort Hospital. The area has several parks and its largest park is Thorncliffe Park.

The community's population is about 7,000.


CFB Rockcliffe-NRC is a relatively new neighbourhood; with 20% of homes built before 1960, another 14% were built 1961 - 1970, 27% built 1971 - 1980, 33% were built 1981 - 1995, and 5% were built since 1996. Of the community's 3,00 dwellings:, 6% were single family, 3% are semi-detached, 13% are row houses, 59% were apartments in buildings higher than 5 stories and 20% are low-rise apartments. More than half (58%) of residents rented; 42% owned their homes.



Shopping is found nearby, along Vanier's Montreal Road and to the south along St Laurent Boulevard, including the St Laurent Shopping Centre.

Community Map