Ottawa-Gatineau Nearby: Carillon, Quebec

This town was the site of the Battle of the Long Sault in 1660, when 17 men save New France from an Indian invasion. In 1833, British Army Engineers built the first Carillon Canal to make the Ottawa River Navigable between Montreal and Ottawa's Rideau Canal.

Carillon Canal
This is the highest conventional lock in Canada, bypassing the 654,500 kilowatt Carillon power project. There is a plaque at the entry lock, still intact, detailing the history of the canal.

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Carillon Attractions

Carillon Ferry
Highway 40
This ferry connects the community of Pointe Fortune with Carillon and operates April to November

Argenteuil County Historical Museum (Musee Regional d'Argenteuil)
50 rue Principale, at the Carillon Ferry
The museum is in a four-storey stone barracks built 1834-1837 to house soldiers guarding the first Carillon Canal. The barracks housed 108 menu during the Rebellion of 1837, and today contain exhibits showcasing the rich history and heritage of the area.

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