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Restaurant Scene

Roca Jack's

It has often been said that per capita, Regina has more restaurants than any other city in Canada. Driving around the city, that statement seems very true. Regina restaurants run the gamut from delightful little sidewalk cafes to national chains. There is something for every taste! Whatever you are hungry for, you will find it within a short drive.

There are several areas in the city that could aptly be considered "restaurant rows". The most upscale, and prestigious, would be the South Albert Strip. This area has seen an explosion of new dining establishments in recent years. Another area, Victoria Avenue East (Highway #1) is just beginning to boom, and the locally owned restaurants are mixing quite nicely with the big national and international chains. If you're looking for smaller, "funky" places, you can find them in the city's delightful artsy/alternative district, the Cathedral Area, just west of the downtown.

Downtown is the place to look for all your dining desires. Along with all the hotels, shopping and entertainment options, you will find a restaurant that will tempt your taste buds and make you come back for more.

Regina is the capital city, and with good reason. You will never go hungry. In addition to these high-profile restaurant areas, you will discover several others as you travel through beautiful, friendly Regina. Take the time to stop and discover the delicacies that await you!!

Use the pop-down list at upper-left to quickly find restaurants by cuisine. You can use the Restaurant Search Form to quickly filter the restaurants by community/neighbourhood AND by cuisine. You can even search by postal code, even by street to find all restaurants really close to you.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Everyone can recommend a restaurant for our listings (please tell us why its "worthy") or you can send us your themed Top 5 list!

Written by: Express Yourself
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