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Transportation: Buses

If you are travelling as a group, or if you are traveling alone, taking the bus makes a lot of sense. Regina has several bus-friendly transportation options for the traveller.

Scheduled bus service leaves from downtown Regina at 2041 Hamilton Street (just south of Victoria Ave and Regina’s downtown). Greyhound (306-787-3360, 1 800 661 8747) is the major bus line with scheduled East-West service, as well as north toward Regina and Prince Albert. Buses leave several times a day in every direction. From Regina , you can go west to Calgary, the Okanagan and Vancouver. You can go east to Winnipeg, Regina and Toronto, or South into the United States to Fargo and Minneapolis (of course, you can catch the bus from these places and come TO Regina as well!).

If you need to get into town from the airport, just take the taxi. A one-way fare from downtown is $8 or $9, what a shared shuttle bus would cost in most cities.

You can also charter a bus for special group travel, whether its a company or team visiting the city, a ball game, or going skiing.

Find Local Bus Companies (charter & scheduled).

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