Business Operations

This section provides information for everything to do with generally running an office, including lawyers, secretarial services, and business machines.

Here are some handy communications reference tools (online dictionaries, thesaurus, acronym finder...)

Communications & Marketing

Man on Phone

Running a busines involves getting the "customers in your door", which typically involves marketing, to get them interested, and sales, to get the corder and of course the payment for the goods or services you sell.

Professional Services

Meeting and presentation in the boardrooms

Running a business requires the help of a wide range of professionals and other services.

Computers & Office Equipment

Worker on an ofice computer

There are many THINGS you can use to make your work more efficient and/or comfortable.

Calgary Environment

Going Green: Eco-friendly content!

Here are tips to help your business contribute to a better environment, and save money as well:

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