Thunder Bay Coffee Shop Scene

Did you know that Thunder Bay was home to the first Robin's donuts? It launched here in 1975 and the chain has expanded to well over two hundred donut & coffee shops across Canada (and 28 in this city alone), competing quite well with the various coffee & donut giants to be the leading chain in Western Canada, according to a 2003 Marketing Magazine article, though the chain was recently bought by the Afton Food Group of Burlington, Ont (known for its 241 Pizza restaurants).

Thunder Bay doesn't really have a "coffee scene" like some bigger cities. We're a small town with a lot of comfortable neighbourhood places to just "go for a coffee." There tend to be clusters of shops in the downtown cores of Port Arthur (near the casino) which has a number of our top picks including Grinder's, Calico, and Great Northwest, and Fort William (near city hall), as well a smattering in the big box & mall shopping districts between the two (and close to the university).

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