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Belcarra is a tiny, exclusive neighbourhood of some 650 upper-income residents. Its location on the wooded eastern shore of Indian Arm offers superb views of Burrard Inlet, beaches, fishing. The village is isolated by geography on a narrow peninsula, and is accessible by a single winding paved road or by water. Residents here have a long commute, whether to work or to shop.

Belcarra was a traditional camping area for the Tsleil-waututh, the local First Nations people who liked its beach and exposure to the afternoon sun. The site was abandoned in the early 1860s when smallpox decimated the Indian population. The community was named in the 1870s by Judge Norman Bole, combining the Gaelic words for sun and rock, bal+carra. In the early years, a ferry took vacationers to their cabins in Belcara Bay, and Admiralty Point was retained as a government naval reserve, later converted into the Regional Park.


For any serious shopping, residents head into Porr Moody


For any schooling, residents must commute into Port Moody.


View North To Belcarra Bay from Burnaby Mountain Belcarra Regional Park, along the shores of the Indian Arm, is popular for picnics and canoeing. This park has a nice beach on the northeast shore of Sasamat Lake, which you pass on Bedwell Bay Road into town from Port Moody


Many residents in Belcarra have private docks and boats; even houses that are not on the water are sometimes able to procure a shared dock.

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