East Richmond, Hamilton in Richmond - Vancouver neighbourhoods

The Hamilton neighbourhood is separated from the rest of Richmond by a few miles of Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and nestled between two "arms" of the Fraser River, and the Queensborough neighbourhood of New Westminster. Highway 91 gives quick access west to the rest of Richmond, and east into New Westminster & Burnaby, as well as White Rock & Surrey to the south. There are industrial lands and a large business park south of Highway 91 along the South Arm of the Fraser River.


The community is mostly single family housing with multi-family homes along Highway 91 and along Westminster Highway.


The area is served by Hamilton Shopping Centre (Gilley Rd & Smith Crescent), with easy access to more shopping nearby in New Westminster and Burnaby


Hamilton Golf Club, to the south and Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) to the west


The neighbourhood is served by an elementary school, though secondary and post-secondary students are in for a commute.

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