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This part of North Vancouver is on the east side of the Lynn Creek, and straddling the mouth of the Seymour River. Lynnmour, the neighbourhood between the two rivers adjoins the Seymour Creek Indian Reserve #2 who's land is at the north end of the Second Narrows Bridge. Lynnmour South lies below Keith Rd & the Mt Seymour Parkway, and Lynnmour North is to the north. Riverside West is home to the campus of Capilano College (often shortened to "Cap College"), with a residential community between it and the Seymour River. On the east side of the mouth of the Seymour River is Maplewood, not just the home of Maplewood Farms, a popular children's attraction, but a quiet residential neighbourhood. The community has good access to Second Narrows Bridge, to access Vancouver and/or Burnaby workplaces.

Along the waterfront between the two rivers is a container loading dock, a recreational marina (right underneath the Second Narrows Bridge) and the low level railway bridge. East of the Seymour River are a shipyard and an oil tank farm. The area no longer has the lumber mills that were once the foundation of industry on the North Shore.


5 minutes away: Just west of Lynn Creek is the Park and Tilford Shopping Centre, with a variety of retailers, restaurants and a movie theatre. Heading north on Mountain Highway shoppers can visit Lynn Valley Centre. Southeast of the /Transportation-Canada Highway & Keith Rd is a Real Canadian Superstore


These neighbourhoods are served by Lynnmour Elementary and Maplewood Elementary, and Windsor Secondary School to the east of the community. The public library is just east beside the Parkgate Village Shopping Centre. The neighbourhood is home to Capilano College, a community college which also offers full university programs, and to the Canadian International College.


Most housing in Lynnmour is condominiums and townhouse complexes. Re-development of the area is gradually changing the complexion of Lynnmour from light industry to a more urban residential neighbourhood.


The community is home to the North Shore Winter Club, the SeyLynn Rec Centre, the fitness facilities at Cap College, the North Shore Equestrian Club, the recreational pathways along the Lynn River in the Lynn Canyon Park . A short distance to the east is the Canlan Ice Sports North Shore facility, Seymour Youth Centre, and the Ron Andrews RecCentre. And also close-by is excellent skiing at Mount Seymour.

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