North of Lougheed Highway in Port Coquitlam - Vancouver neighbourhoods

These areas north of Highway 7 include (from west to east) the neighbourhoods of Woodland Acres, Glenwood (Imperial Park), Birchland Manor, Oxford Heights, Lincoln Park and Riverwood. East of Fremont Street is farmland, alongside the Pitt River.


There are a number of shopping options along Coast Meridian Rd at Prairie Ave


The northern part of Port Coquitlam has 7 elementary and 2 middle schools with students attending Terry Fox Secondary School. The Coquitlam Campus of Douglas College is close by and the other post-secondary institutions are all a commute away,


This part of Poco has significant parks including the Hyde Creek Nature Park and along the De Bouville Slough. Just north of the Lougheed Highway is the Carnoustie Golf Course Creek Bridge on Lougheed Hihway in Port Coquitlam


Most of this part of Port Coquitlam is single family homes, with higher densities of multi-family townhouses close to Coast Meridian Rd.

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