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Queensborough, across the North Arm of the Fraser River from the rest of New Westminster, has the name originally chosen by Royal Engineer commander Colonel Richard Clement Moody for the colonial capital. When Queen Victoria gave the new capital the name, New Westminster, the name Queensborough became applied to New Westminster's portion of Lulu Island, which is connected to the City of Richmond. Today, Queensborough is a low- to middle-income housing area, with recent condo complexes being built close to the Westminster Quay development. Queensborough has 4,000 residents, up about 50% since 1995, and about one-half immigrants, with the largest groups from India, the Philippines and Afghanistan.


Most Queensborough homes single family houses or multi-family townhouses, with an above average proportion of owner-occupied dwellings.


The closest shopping is just to the west in Richmond, with a more concentrated retail area in nearby New Westminster.


The neighbourhood has a number of small parks scattered around


Queensborough has two elementary schools, but above that students bust travel to their high schools or post-secondary education.

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