Shellmont, South Arm in Richmond - Vancouver neighbourhoods

Shellmont-South Arm is surrounded on three sides by the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and there is a large Business Park to the south of the community. This community includes the neighbourhoods of Bisset, Edgemere, Seacote, and Kingswood Downes. This community is a major gateway into Richmond, where Steveston Highway meets Highway 99, leading south to the George Massey Tunnel under the Fraser River.

Keeping an appropriate edge to the ALR is important. As the intersection of No. 5 Road and Steveston Highway increases in importance, careful urban design and co-ordinated development is needed to integrate the community at this gateway point. Pedestrian and bike connections linking the neighbourhoods and the present Shellmont centre will also help to tie the community together. Highway 99: Inside the George Massey Tunnel


The community is mostly single-family homes, with some multi-family housing along Steveston Highway and along Francis Rd.


Ironwood Shopping Centre (Steveston Highway & No 5 Rd), Shellmont Shopping Centre (Shell Rd & Williams Rd)


There are several neighbourhood parks scattered around. Fantasy Gardens (Steveston Highway at Highway 99), and an east-west bike path along Williams Rd. Straddling Highway 99 is the Mylora Golf & Country Club East of Highway 99 is the Riverport Entertainment Park, which is a sport and entertainment complex with Watermania, skate park, a multi-screen movie theatres, restaurants, pubs, basketball and bowling centers, an indoor play center, and a hotel. Fantasy Garden Amusement Park


The neighbourhood is served by 3 elementary schools, the Richmond Christian School, Mathew McNair Secondary School and a public library. Post-secondary students have a commute to any institution of higher learning.

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