Southwest Coquitlam in the City of Coquitlam - Vancouver neighbourhoods

This area lies southwest from Coquitlam Centre Mall, and lies largely south of the City of Port Moody and extends to the Fraser River (Since we treat Maillardville and Burquitlam as their own areas, we'll treat this area as extending south to Austin Ave, and west to Blue Mountain St).. Since this area encompasses a number of neighbourhoods in the north: Harbour Chines, Harbour Place, and Chineside, several neighbourhoods along the Coquitlam River: Meadow Brook, Ranch Park, Coquitlam East, as well as the area considered Central Coquitlam: which includes the neighbourhoods including Austin Centre, Laurentian Heights, Mundy Park, and Dartmoor.


This neighbourhood has a small shopping mall at Como Lake Rd & Linton St , and along Austin Ave and Ridgeway (between Gatensbury & Blue Mountain), and there is Burquitlam Plaza and Cariboo Centre along the western city limits, and Coquitlam Centre to the east.


This part of Coquitlam has 7 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 2 secondary schools, and a public library. The western neighbourhoods are close to Coquitlam College, and Douglas College's New Westminster (main) campus, while the eastern neighbourhoods are close to Douglas College's Coquitlam campus. Simon Fraser University is also close-by in Burnaby.


This part of Coquitlam has a number of large parks along its northern edge, Chineside Park, Harbour Chineside park and Pinnacle Creek Ravine Park, as well as the 435 acre (176 ha) Mundy Park, Coquitlam's largest. The well-forested Mundy Park gives this part of Coquitlam a semi-rural; feel.


Homes in this part of Coquitlam are almost all single-family houses, with some higher-density clusters of multi-family apartments between Austin and King Albert, west of Gatensbury.

Homes in South Coquitlam run $529-689,000; with townhouses ranging $409-432,000; and you'll find condos costing $285-298,000.

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