Uptown, Moody Park in New Westminster - Vancouver neighbourhoods

The Uptown area lies southwest of Queens Park between 1st Street and 6th Street, above Royal Avenue. The area around 6th St and 6th Avenue became a retail magnet since the mid 1950s, and was renamed Royal City Centre Mall in 1993. Moody Park is the recreational heart of the uptown area. Uptown has 7,000 residents, about 1/3 being immigrants (largest groups from the United Kingdom, the Philippines and the People's Republic of China), and an average household income of $35,000. The Kelvin neighbourhood, west of Moody Park is home to 2,000, with a similar demographic but average household income of $55,000.


Most Uptown residents live in apartments, typically two per unit, and a higher proportion of rentals than owned units than average. Most residents in Kelvin residents live in single detached houses, with an average of 3 per household.


Shopping is clustered around 6th and 6th and the Royal City Centre Mall


The neighbourhoods have a number of small parks scattered around and the larger Moody has an outdoor pool, as well as a nearby Mercer Stadium, Moody Park Arena, Vincent Massey Auditorium. The New Westminster Regimental Museum is also close by.


The area is served by 2 elementary schools, a public library, New Westminster High, and is close to Douglas College's downtown campus.

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