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Four Ways to Boost your Business Using an Internet Marketing Blog.

Author: Mike McCoy
The modern Internet marketer has one very powerful and versatile tool that marketers of the past did not have: the blog. The Internet marketing blog is the key to any successful Internet marketing campaign. There are many ways that a blog can be the best tool of the marketer and in this article I hope to bring to light four of the major ways to use a blog for business. "

Sales Copy: The blog has replaced the sales page as the main tool the marketer uses to interact with prospective customers. This is the main way that Internet marketers make money with their blogs. You use your blog to build up your pre-launch marketing campaign and you can add an opt-in form to build a list of reliable customers that actually want to buy your products. "

Monetizing with Ads: This is one of the ways for Interent marketers to create a stream of income. Most niche blogs can manage to make at minimum a few dollars a day. Most of these ad networks provide keyword targeted ads for your niche. This way they are worrying about doing the keyword research and conversion research themselves. This way the only thing you have to worry about is getting traffic to the blog and the placements of the ads on your blog. "

Affiliate programs: This is the other main way Internet marketers make money with their blogs. In addition to using your blog as a sales page for your own products, this is the main way to make money using an IM blog. You use your page and the traffic that you drive to sell products of other Internet marketers for a percent of the final sales made of their products. This percentage can be anywhere from five to thirty five percent depending on the product and the marketer. "

Traffic: With blogging and blog traffic techniques as they are these days, you can highly target your traffic. There are almost countless ways to drive traffic to an Internet marketing blog and so many of these techniques target a specific niche of traffic. This is one of the most important factors in blogging for Internet marketers because IM blogs are always in some sort of niche.

Information is currency in our modern culture. One of the main advantages modern marketers have over traditional (non-Internet) marketers is that we have the biggest social and information community that spans the whole world. With a community of that size of customer base to work from, it is very possible for anyone who is willing to put time and energy into Internet marketing to make enough money to survive, even in our current tight economy.

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