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Author: Ryan Fyfe

Here are some tips for businesses that run 24/7. This type of business will have its own unique problems and many of these will concern staffing levels. The fact that a business or organization offers a service or produces something around the clock does not always mean that the staffing requirement will remain constant and reflecting this in your scheduling will be one of the most important tips for businesses that run 24/7.

In all likelihood you will have your workday divided into shifts. Each of these shifts will have different requirements in regards to staffing levels and skill mix.

The first tip for businesses that run 24/7 is to ensure that however is responsible for managing the staff schedule fully understands what will be needed for each shift. It is not just a case of devising one schedule and using this one continuously without regard for changing conditions. The demands in regards to work will always be changing in most companies and staffing levels will need to reflect this. The person looking after scheduling should be able to anticipate what is going to be needed for each shift.

The second of our tips for businesses that run 24/7 is in regards to shift rotation. This is a practice followed by many organizations that work around the clock. Staff member will work so many nights a month as well as their day duties. Many people feel that this is a fairer way of doing things; especially when members of staff don't really like working nights. There are problems with this system though in that it can be difficult for people to adjust to the changes from night shifts to day shifts; if a few days gap isn't provided it can lead to health problems. So it really is wise to give staff a few days off after they have finished their set of nights. Alternatively, another of the tips for businesses that run 24/7 is to have a permanent night staff; the only problem with this solution is that night staff can lose out if all the staff training occurs during the day.

One of the most important tips for businesses that run 24/7 is to have a policy for people who suddenly go off sick. The bigger your organization the more often this is likely to happen. Leaving a shift understaffed can be difficult for those working it; it may even be dangerous. If there are only one or two people on each shift and somebody calls in sick then this really can be a big problems so you need to have a contingency plan for this. If you are going to remember any of these tips for businesses that run 24/7 then let it be the following; have a plan for unexpected sick leave. This could be just a list of phone numbers of staff who might be willing to work. It is also appropriate to have a contact number for an employment agency or available freelancers; if you are going to permit this then you will want to leave clear instructions about when it is permissible to bring in outside workers.

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