Victoria Area Beaches

swimming and other activities are found at local beaches on lakes, rivers

Beaches in Victoria fall into two categories: for wildlife and for people. Not all the beaches are on the ocean! There are some very nice freshwater lakes in the area, including Elk, Beaver (to the north) and Thetis (to the west). For a clean sandy beach, you might try Cadboro Bay (near the University of Victoria ) or Willows Beach in Oak Bay. For a more rugged beach, look beside Dallas Road (south of downtown), or by Mount Douglas or a bit further north on Cordova Bay. Here's an overview of the better beaches in the Victoria area:

Wildlife Beaches
Here are some of the best beaches close to town for observing nature at its best:



Best Road Access

East of Victoria

Beacon Hill ParkVictoria Dallas Road
Gonzales BayOak BayBeach Drive
McNeil BayOak BayBeach Drive
Cadboro BaySaanichCadboro Bay Rd

North of Victoria

Island View BeachCentral SaanichPatricia Bay Hwy (17) to Island View Rd
Patricia BayNorth SaanichPatricia Bay Hwy (17) west on Mills Rd
Tsehum HarbourNorth SaanichPatricia Bay Hwy (17) to Macdonald Park Rd
Moses PointNorth SaanichPatricia Bay Hwy (17) west on Lands End Rd

West of Victoria

Esquimalt LagoonColwoodOak Island Hwy (1A) to Ocean Blvd
Witty's Beach and LagoonMetchosinSooke Rd (14) to Metchosin Rd
East Sooke Regional ParkSookeSooke Rd (14), south on Gillespie Rd, west on East Sooke Rd
Whiffin SpitSookeSooke Rd (14) past Sooke to Wiffen Spit Rd

Willows Beach in Oak Bay

People Beaches
These beaches are ideally suited for people to enjoy the ocean sunshine. Generally, these beaches have change rooms & showers, picnic tables, even playgrounds. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed beach fires in Victoria and Esquimalt, though you may in Oak Bay, Saanich, Central Saanich and North Saanich - if you get a fire permit from the municipal fire hall.

Generally, the lake beaches don't have lifeguards, though Thetis Lake, and North end of Elk Lake do (in season).



Best Road Access

East of Victoria (Map)

Gonzales BayOak BayBeach Dr east of Victoria Golf Club
Cadboro Gyro ParkSaanichCadboro Bay Rd
Willows BayOak BayBeach Drive south of Uplands Park

North of Victoria (Map)

Cordova Bay BeachSaanichPatricia Bay Hwy (17) to Cordova Bay Rd
Elk and Beaver Lake ParkCentral SaanichPatricia Bay Hwy (17) to Beaver lake Rd or Brookleigh Rd
Sidney Spit Marine ParkSidney IslandPatricia Bay Hwy (17) to Sidney, then onto ferry to Sidney Island

West of Victoria (Map)

Saxe Point WestEsquimaltEsquimalt Rd to Fraser St
Thetis Lake ParkView RoyalIsland Hwy (1) to Six Mile Rd
Witty's Beach ParkMetchosinSooke Rd (14) to Metchosin Rd
East Sooke ParkSookeSooke Rd (14), south on Gillespie Rd, west on East Sooke Rd
Prior Lake (clothing optional beach)View RoyalIsland Hwy (1) to Six Mile Rd

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