Winnipeg Business Operations: Business Execution - Part 2: Why an Execution Strategy is Needed

by Eileen Ashmore, MBA

One of the first things that Larry Bossidy makes clear is "Putting an execution environment in place is hard but losing it is easy." In 2000, 40 of the top 200 Fortune 500 executives were removed – they were either fired or asked to resign. That's 1 out of every 5 leaders!


  1. There is a gap between promises made and results delivered – an execution strategy narrows the gap.
  2. Without execution, breakthrough thinking breaks down – big thoughts need to be broken down into concrete steps for action.
  3. Execution must be firstly – a discipline, the job of a business leader, and, part of the culture – to get results.
  4. Leaders need to engage in execution work to get results or else they are ineffective and incomplete.

Their Recommendations:

  1. Involve all people responsible for outcomes in shaping the plan
  2. Ensure that managers indicate ‘how' they will achieve results before the plan is launched
  3. Set milestones with strict accountability, and
  4. Set up a contingency plan to deal with the unexpected.

Remember – "Execution is everything.' (Emmit Smith, NFL Legend & ‘Dancing with the Stars' winner) Larry King Live

It's your FOCUS that matters.

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