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swimming at local indoor outdoor, splash pools and waterslides
Pools admission rates depend on where they are and who is administering them. Pools have various hours depending on the day of the week.

Please call ahead (City pools are all 3-1-1 or 403-268-2489, if calling from outside the city) for hours of operation. Note: The City of Calgary - Recreation (268-2300) has an information Playline for the pools. The codes are listed beside the pool, below.
Note: The outdoor pools typically open for the summer in mid-June and remain open until Labour Day.

Tourist Tip: The following outdoor pools are closest to downtown Calgary: Bridgeland (NE), Bowview (NW), South Calgary (SW), and Stanley Park (SW).

Northeast Calgary

Pool Name
Phone #
Prairie Winds (wading and spray pool)Playline 9890223 Castleridge Blvd.
Renfrew Pool & Fitness Centre276-7340810 - 13 Ave.
Rotary Park (wading pool)Playline 9890617 - 1 St.
Village Square Leisure Centre280-97142623-56 St.

Northwest Calgary

Pool Name
Phone #
Crowfoot YMCA547-65768100 John Laurie Blvd NW
Foothills3-1-12915 - 24 Ave.
Highwood (outdoor)3-1-125 Holmwood Ave.
Mount Pleasant (outdoor)3-1-12310 - 6 St.
Riley Park (wading pool)3-1-1800 - 12 Ave.
SAIT campus Centre284-84571301 - 16 Ave.
Shouldice3-1-15303 Bowness Rd.
Silver Springs (outdoor)3-1-15720 Silver Ridge Dr.
Sir Winston Churchill Pool & Fitness Centre3-1-11520 Northmount Dr
Thornhill Pool & Fitness Centre
3-1-16725 Center St.
V.R.R.I.284-22313304 - 33 St.

Southeast Calgary

Pool Name
Phone #
Acadia Pool & Fitness Centre3-1-19009 Fairmount Dr.
Bob Bahan Pool & Fitness Centre3-1-14812 - 14 Ave.
Family Leisure Centre278-754211150 - Bonaventure Dr.
Inglewood3-1-11527 - 17 Ave.
Forest Lawn (outdoor)3-1-11706 - 39 St.
Millican/Ogden (outdoor)3-1-169 Ave. & 20A St.
Shawnessy YMCA256-5533333 Shawville Blvd. SE
Y.W.C.A232-1577320 - 5 Ave.

Southwest Calgary

Pool Name
Phone #
Barclay Mall (wading & spray pool)3-1-1200 Barclay Mall
Beltline Pool & Fitness Centre3-1-1221 - 12 Ave
Calgary Jewish Centre253-86001607 - 90 Ave.
Canyon Meadows Pool & Fitness Centre3-1-189 Canova Rd.
Eau Claire Y.M.C.A.269-6701101 - 3 St.
Glenmore3-1-15330 - 19 St.
Killarney3-1-11919 - 29 St.
Olympic Plaza (reflecting pool)
228 - 8 Ave.
South Calgary (outdoor)3-1-13130 - 16 St.
South Y.M.C.A.255-813111 Haddon Rd.
Southland Leisure Centre251-35052000 Southland Dr.
Stanley Park (outdoor & wading)3-1-14011 - 1A St.
Talisman Centre233-83932225 Macleod Tr.

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