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Sheep River, near Turner Valley Turner Valley, at located at the junction of highway 22 and highway 7. It's the birthplace of Alberta' oil and gas industry, the site of the 1914 Dingman #1 well that began Calgary's first oil boom. The boom ended in 1919, but in 1924 the Royalite No. 4 well blew in. It produced 21 million cubic feet of wet gas and over 600 bbls. of white naphtha per day in a blowout that ran wild for weeks before the flame was extinguished and the gas controlled. Over a decade, the field produced 200 million cubic feet of gas daily, enough to supply the daily needs of New York City. Even when pipelines were extended to Calgary, there was still far more gas than was needed, and the excess gas was discharged and falred in a ravine. This became known as "Hell's Half Acre."

The third Turner Valley boom came in 1936, with the discovery of crude oil. Oil production grew and peaked in 1942, when Turner Valley produced over 10 million barrels of oil for the war effort. The Turner Valley Oilfields Gas Plant is now designated a National Historic Site. The town's Discovery Days (in May) celebrate the discovery of oil and include an oil show, a barbecue, displays, and concerts.

Cowboy Trail View along Highway 22
Turner Valley, at the edge of Kananaskis Country, offers a vast array of outdoor activities. The area is excellent for camping,trail hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, fishing, rafting, canoeing, and skiing. Its breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife are heaven for photographers.

Annual events include: Discovery Days (May), Diamond Valley Parade (June)

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Gas Plant
(403) 933-4944
The Turner Valley Gas Plant was constructed during the 1930's and remained operational until 1985. The provincial and federal governments wroked together to acquired and preserve the Gas Plant as a National Historic Site. Interpretive tours are conducted from May until August, including a tour of the plant site and the pictorial display of the historic Turner Valley Oilfields.

Historic Walking Tour
Stroll through town and capture the ambiance of Turner Valley's older buildings. The town still tells the history of oil boom days, with historic pictures on display in many of the local stores.

Foothills Country Market
Madison Street
(403) 933-3303
The market sells all types of crafts, country wares, baked goods, home-grown vegetables, home-made furniture and bird houses. Open Saturday mornings June to September.

Riverbend Day Use Area
(403) 933-4944
The Riverbend Day Use Park offers picnic sites and hiking trails with water, washroom facilities and magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy an afternoon picnic, fishing or hiking along the Sheep River. Open year round.

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