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Clubs & Groups

Here are some featured clubs, assocaitions, and not-for-profit groups for a wide variety of causes and intersts in and around Fredericton

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Associations are incorporated member groups, while clubs are typically not. Add your club or association here and you can then post your events, news, and volunteer opprtunities. [see our TIP SHEET]

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view listing for Fredericton Golf & Curling ClubAssociation/ClubFredericton Golf & Curling Club

Whether you are a veteran curler or new to the sport of curling, we invite you to enjoy our club's friendly atmosphere. Curling has been taking place at the Fredericton Curling Club for 151 years! Join us for another exciting season.

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Here are some featured churches & places of worship for a wide range of faiths & beliefs in and around Fredericton

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Churches and other houses of worship connect people with their Faith and their Supreme Being. Add your place of worship here and you can then post your events, news, and volunteer opprtunities. [see our TIP SHEET]

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view listing for Unitarian Fellowship of FrederictonChurch/WorshipUnitarian Fellowship of Fredericton

An open-minded and warm-hearted religion not confined within the limits of any one tradition. A church for spiritual explorers and free thinkers. For people who are concerned with injustice and who are accepting of differences.

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Here are some featured charities and other nor-for-profits in and around Fredericton

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