Mississauga-Brampton Taxis and Taxicab

There are many taxi companies serving Missisauga and the Peel Region (including Brampton & Orangeville). Because of the impact of Pearson International Aiport, there are taxi compan ies that specialize in serving some neighbourhing communities.
Some do well with telephone reservations, others have stands at major shopping malls, hotels, the airport, Port Credit GO Station, and the International Centre.

Most taxi firms can give you an estimate of the fare when you call. Some firms have set fixed rates for specific trips.

The City of Mississauga licences both taxicab owners and drivers to service the needs of the travelling public, to ensure they meet the standards in the Public Vehicle Licensing By-law, and operate their vehicle appropriately (including a smoke-free ride). The easiest way to insure that the taxicab you're hiring is licensed by the City of Mississauga is to check for the Mississauga Taxi Plate that is located on the left rear portion of the vehicle. Licensed Mississauga Taxis will also have a tariff sticker in one of the rear passenger windows.

Taxicabs in the City of Mississauga use a meter which measures both distance and time. The meter starts $4.25 (for the first 155 metres) and adds 25 cents for each additional 155 metres plus 25 cents for each 33 second period that the vehicle is not in motion. Taxis may surcharge for parcels bigger than three cubic feet in size (1 ft x 1 ft x 3 ft, or .085 cubic metres) or weight over 60 lbs (27 Kilograms) which should be agreed to at the start of the trip. The charges are set for one to four passengers. If there are five or more passengers in the taxicab vehicle, each additional passenger must pay $1.50.

The taxi meter only applies to trips within the City of Mississauga, and trips beyond the boundaries may be done for an agreed flat rate (see below).

Oh, yes, and if your driver was courteous and helpful, it is the custom to tip him (or her)! Tips on tipping.

Compliments or complaints about taxi trips may be made to the City at 905-896-5643.

FoundLcoally has a listing of local Taxi companies

Pearson Airport Taxis

The Greater Toronto Area (often called "the GTA") has a number of tariff zones, depending on where you are going to. That means that you do not need a taxi meter on, and that it does not matter if you are driving at 3 am in the morning or during rush hour. These rates are GST-in, but do not include tip to the driver, or tolls on Highway 407 If there are passenger drop offs enroute, there is an extra charge of $10 per passenger dropped off. If a driver does not respect the official tariff rates, they will have their airport privileges revokes. If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact Michael Sinclair, Senior Manager, Groundside and Bussing Operations at (416) 776-4083 or Tim Dougherty, Manager, Commercial Vehicles at (416) 776-6044.

Cars may not charge extra for credit card payments, and are not required to accept debit cards. If you do not have access to the Internet, contact GTAA's Call Centre at 416-AIRPORT (416-247-7678) for a list of companies.

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