Premum Ads to Boost your FoundLocally visibility

Premium Ads are smart!

Since 1999 (17 years and counting!), we have provided free listings for LOCAL BUSINESSES, on the premise that EVERY BUSINESS DESERVES TO BE ONLINE. And every business should be able to afford it! So, we built the Free Listings with free categories (unlike those "yellow guys"), free logo, free website link, free news announcements, free coupons, sales, or flyers, free jobs postings, and free events promotion...

Every business is listed on its own merits & information, and listed based on the USER'S search criteria, with no "monkeying around". The searches & options are context-sensitive, and results displayed are filtered using user-specified search criteria. Giving users the business(es) they are looking for, and also giving businesses the customers they WANT!

Now that we have added the graphical interface (looks a bit like Pinterest), with photos linking to website articles & stories, and now the business logos (or photos) link to business listings and information, we've allowed progressive businesses to STAND OUT over those that don't have web links (Really? Still?) or haven't uploaded a photo or logo (still showing the default blue "Click Here" image??).

But how do you step up from there? PREMIUM ADS!

Premium Ads have benefits!

Three key benefits of FoundLocally's Premium Ads:

  1. 1. It's First, and there is only ONE
    REGARDLESS of search parameters, search results, or business listings in editorial pages (in the Pinterest layout)... when there are business listing results, YOU ARE FIRST in the the city-segment you have successfully bid on.
  2. 2. It's in-Content advertising
    Its "above the fold" and RIGHT IN THE CONTENT or at the start f Search Results! It's not above the navigation, or to the right of, or below the content.
  3. 3. Ads can be changed while running
    Mix creative over the month... CHANGE photos/images, adjust the headline, change the offer, even change he links. If you have Premium Ads in different segments or different cities, you can MIX AND MATCH any way you want!

From as little as $50 a month, this advertising is SUPREMELY AFFORDABLE!

Premium Ads are easy!

  1. 1. Create you Ad Bid
    select your city (you are not limited, based on your location), and target segment, and setting a bid price (we show you the current top bids, and the monthly traffic you can get)
  2. 2. Create your Add design/creative
    Pick a photo or logo, set a headline, and a sub-heading, and up to 250 characters of brand messge or offer description. Link to any page of yoiur website (or "boost" your FoundLocally Listing, if you prefer)
  3. 3. Montor the bids
    Watch your competition, and ensure your maximum bid is the top offer by the deadline each month
  4. 4. Successful bidders pay by PayPal
    You'll get an email with a clikable link to pay securely on PayPal (no credit card payment information or details stay on our servers)
  5. 5. Adjust yor ad creative or message
    You can adjust your ad anytime during your month, to adapt to changing conditions, or highlight special offers.

How To set up your Premium Ads

How-To Steps Login

The "How-To Steps" link, takes you to the Premium Ads page on our Web Marketing blog goves lots of details & tips. Once logged in, select the Manage PREMUM ADS option in the red What To Do? menu in the white stripe.