Oakville-Burlington Doing All You Can To Increase Employee Retention

Author: Ryan Fyfe

The ability to increase employee retention is important for any business. It is just not cost-effective to keep on recruiting new staff and training them. If you are dealing with the public then a constantly changing workforce will be taken as a bad sign by your customers or clients. The inability to keep staff is viewed as an indication that there are problems with the business, and this can make customers cautious. It is also just not convenient for customers to be dealing with different staff every time they make contact with your company. For this reason it is vital that every business does all it can to increase employee retention.

It is almost certain that your business will rely on certain key employees. Keeping these people should be a major concern, because losing key workers can greatly impact the way you do business. Some workers are able to give a lot more to the company then average, and their enthusiasm can be a great boon. Maybe they have skills that are in short supply or maybe it is their personal attributes that make them so important to the business. When making any attempts to increase employee retention you should pay extra attention to these key workers.

I think that most business owners will agree that it is a good thing to increase employee retention, but how do you actually go about this? Just installing and ‘employee of the month' scheme is probably not going to be enough increase employee retention. Let us now look at what you can do.

It is generally agreed that if you want to increase employee retention you need to avoid continuously changing the expectations of your staff. It is important that every worker knows what is expected from them from day one; if this is always changing it will lead to a lot of stress and self-confidence problems. Your employees should always have a clear idea about what you want from them.

If you want to increase employee retention you need to find what skills your staff have and utilize these to the fullest. If your members of staff are motivated they will want to contribute all of their talents; if they have skills outside of their job description that they could be useful for the company then use this skill.

You should allow your workers to contribute and speak their minds. They should be allowed to be critical. It is also important that their ideas are treated seriously. If staff don't feel that they can speak freely it will lead to them becoming frustrated and will have an impact on your ability to increase employee retention.

You should offer plenty of opportunity for your staff to improve their skills and knowledge. Internal and external training is a great motivator. This is a great way to increase employee retention because staff feel that they are developing professionally just by staying with you. It prevents them from feeling like they are caught in a rut.

Above are just some ways that you can increase employee retention. Hopefully this article has been useful to you and your ability to keep staff.

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