Oakville-Burlington Eating Out Green

There are a few ways that you can make your dining out experience more green, especially when dining at fast food restaurant chains.

  1. Carry bottled water with you. Refill the bottles as needed.
  2. Reduce fast food waste whenever possible.
  3. Pack along plastic bags. These are handy for wrapping half-eaten treats, used hotel bar soaps, keeping salt and pepper packets dry in the cooler, and many other uses.
  4. Avoid styrofoam. Carry your own cup.
  5. Use condiments sparingly When offered individual packages of condiments, take only what you'll use.
  6. USe take-out instead of delivery Especially if you plan your meal-times to reduce total miles driven. Delivery vehicles typically idle their caras while making their deliveries.
  7. Leftovers If you typically take home leftovers ("doggy bags") from your restaurant meals, carry a container, a square of aluminum foil or waxpaper with you. That will spare the restaurants from using single-use styrofoam.

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