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Scarborough Ontario Recreational Sports: Soccer information, listings and links

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Background of the Sport

Soccer at the World Cup

Soccer in the most widely played sport in the world, and is a good form or exercise, recreation, and socializing.

Soccer is played on a large grass field, with goal posts at each end. Using feet to kick the ball (and the occasional head-butt), the object is to get the ball past the opposing goalkeeper into the net. Players, other than the goalkeeper, may not use their hands to touch the ball.

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Soccer only requires basic athletic shorts, shirt and shoes. If you are in a soccer league, you will receive uniforms. Specialty soccer shoes have rubber cleats for traction on grassy fields. To practice on our own or play with friends, you can buy your own soccer ball.

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Scarborough has got thousands of kids playing soccer, for age groups from under eleven to under nineteen. For soccer leagues, call:


  • Islington Rangers Soccer Club (Etobicoke) 416-239-4594 [Boys]
  • Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club 416-622-8726 w [Boys Girls]
  • Rexdale Soccer Club (Etbicoke) 416-745-1078 [Boys Girls]
  • Soccer City (Etobicoke) 416-626-5100 [Mens ]

North York

  • Lhfa Soccer League (North York) 416-398-4464 l [Mens]
  • North York Soccer Club [Mens Boys]


  • Scarborough Azzurri Soccer [Mens ]
  • Scarborough Blizzard Youth Soccer Club (Scarborough) [Boys Girls]


  • Chile Lindo (Toronto) 416-999-8446 m [Boys Girls]
  • Friendship Soccer League (Toronto) 416-608-7935 [Mens ]
  • Golden League/Liga De Oro [Mens ]
  • Leaside East Soccer Club (Toronto) 416-482-4391 [Boys Girls]
  • Metropolitan Rc 416-248-2472 [Boys Girls]
  • Michelangelos Soccer [Mens ]
  • Mooredale Soccer Club (Toronto) 416-922-3714 x 115 [Boys Girls]
  • Muslim Soccer League [Mens ]
  • North Star Soccer Club (Toronto) 416-512-1049 [Boys Girls]
  • North Toronto Soccer Club (TOronto) 416-924-0200 [Boys Girls]
  • Ontario Youth Soccer League (866) 265 4625 [Boys]
  • Portugal 2004 Soccer Club (TOronto) 416-537-8831 [Boys Girls]
  • Portugal Soccer Club (TOronto) 416-913-6830 [Boys Girls]
  • Soccer World (Toronto) 416-466-5493 [Boys Girls]
  • Sporting Club of Toronto (Toronto) 416-763-1707 [Boys Girls]
  • Sporting Tc (Toronto) 416-763-1707 [Boys Girls]
  • Swansea Soccer Club (Toronto) 416-367-0680 x 5682 [Boys Girls]
  • The Canadian Professional Soccer League (Vaughan) (905) 856 5439 [Womens ]
  • Toronto Central Soccer League 416-839-9856 [Womens ]
  • Toronto Eagles Soccer Club 416-588-9355 [Boys Girls Co-Ed]
  • Toronto Falcons Soccer Club 416-910-4080 [Boys Girls]
  • Toronto Hawks 416-762-6637 [Boys Girls]
  • Toronto Services Soccer League 416-636-9794 [Mens ]
  • Toronto Supra Soccer Club 416-845-5698 [Boys Girls]
  • Toronto Uruguay Soccer Club 416-398-5626 [Boys Girls]
  • Ukraina (Toronto) 416-231-5445 [Boys Girls]
  • United Soccer Club (Toronto) 416-782-1248 [Boys Girls]
  • Usc Karpaty 416-807-0988 [Boys Girls]
  • West End United Soccer Club (Toronto) 416-766-0247 [Boys Girls]
  • West Toronto Soccer Club (Toronto) 416-652-6904 [Boys]

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