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Since 1997 there has been a province-wide deposit-return system for the recovery and recycling of all ready-to-serve beverage containers (excluding domestic beer, milk, infant formulas and containers larger than 5 litres). Brewers operate an independent deposit-return system.

Consumers pay a 20 cent deposit on alcoholic beverage containers (except for beer) and a 6 cent deposit on non-alcoholic beverage containers. Consumers receive a refund of 10 cents and 3 cents respectively on the return of the containers. Thirty-seven "Green Depots" have been established throughout the province to collect the containers and issue refunds. Each depot is a privately run business which generates its revenues through beverage containers returned to the depot. In addition, some satellite units and sub-depots have been set up in remote areas to ensure people have access to recycling facilities.

Beer is exempt from the depot system under the Beverage Container Control Regulations but its containers are handled through an independent return-to-retail system. Beer is sold through corner stores and two Brewers Retail Inc. (BRI) stores in St. John's (the largest city). Containers are fully refunded at these locations. Beer cans go into the Green Depot system; only beer bottles are separate. Newfoundland is somewhat unique in that the retailers are only required to refund beer on a one-for-one basis. This means that only when a customer buys a 12 pack can they get a full refund on 12 empties.

Soft Drink (500 ml or less)
Soft Drink (>1.5 L)
Beer or Cooler Containers
Wine (500 ml or less)
Wine (>500 ml)
Other Non-Refillable

There are a number of recylcing options in St John's

  • Atlantic Blue Recycling Limited is a private business operating in the St. John’s Region that does provide a curbside collection service. The company processes all materials collected. There is a charge for this service.
  • Evergreen Recycling operates three Green Depots in the City.
  • Scotia Recycling Limited also operates a drop off facility on Rhodera Place, Airport Heights.
  • Robin Hood Bay Landfill, operated by the city. Leaf Recycling and Christmas Tree Recycling programs are available in the fall and winter months. There is also a ban on recyclable corrugated cardboard at the Robin Hood Bay Landfill. The City has also established a metals recycling operation adjacent to he Robin Hood Bay Landfill.
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