St John's Travel: Tips For Travelling Sustainably - Getting There & Transportation

Here are tips for Getting There & Local Tranportation on your sustainable and envionmentally concious vacation and business travel:

  1. Book With Airlines that Recycle
    Book flights with airlines that recycle the waste created when serving food and beverages to passengers. British Airways, and Southwest Airlines recycle their cabin waste, and Southwest was the first to offer electronic ticketing systemwide.

  2. Choose On-Time Airlines
    Airlines with the best on-time arrival and departure schedules contributing less to congestion, air pollution, and fuel waste. Less effective airlines burn more fuel on the tarmac. US airline performance is on the Bureau of Transportation Statistics website,

  3. Fly Nonstop
    While jets are a fast and cost- efficient mode for moving large numbers of passenger long distances, they produce almost .4 tons of CO2 per passenger per flight, with highest fuel consumption at takeoff (first to accelerate all that weight to flying speed and then to lift it 8 miles above the earth's surface). Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by choosing non-stop flights whenever possible.

  4. Go Car-Free
    Choose destinations that do not require cars for getting around (like Boston versus Los Angeles). Consider using car alternatives for short trips including public transportation, hotel shuttles, and biking and walking paths.

  5. Go Public Transit
    Public transportation is inexpensive, efficient, and available around the world. Try tip planning using Google Transit which cov ers about 100 cities around the world

  6. Share a Car
    If you need a car, consider car-sharing services, which rent ultra-low emission vehicles or fuel-efficient hybrids that can be rented for just part of a day.
    In the United States and Canada consider Zipcar or local independents like I-GO Car Sharing (Chicago), AutoShare (Toronto), VRTUCAR (Ottawa), CityCarShare (San Francisco), Cooperative Auto Network (Vancouver), HourCar (Minneapolis - St. Paul), and PhillyCar Share (Philadelphia)

  7. Rent a Hybrid
    Major rental car companies are adding low-emission, fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles to their fleets, though still a small portion of total fleets. Hybrid rentals typically costs $5-10 more per day than other vehicles, which is earned back by cost savings at the pump. And in some states, renting a hybrid in many US states can give you access to restricted carpool or high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) freeway lanes.

  8. Maintain Your Car
    If using your own vehicle, some simple, and cheap maintenance can significantly reduce fuel consumption and increasing gas mileage, and saving both the environment and money. Change your air filterů if its dirty or clogged, this can improve mileage by 10%. If you're driving, turn your motor off when idling (also, encourage tour/bus drivers to turn the motor off when idling).

  9. Check Your Tires
    Check tire treads for any debris to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy. Also check the tire pressure. Under-inflation can reduce mileage by 5-10%,

  10. Pack Light
    Don't overpack with extra clothing "options" and extra gear & supplies for the trip. This takes up space, adds weight, and reduces your vehicle's gas mileage. Check for deadweight in the trunk (like sand bags, for a summer trip). Each 50 kilograms reduces gas mileage by roughly 2 percent.
    Try to pack only what can fit inside your vehicle or trunk. Rooftop carriers add to carrying capacity but add aerodynamic drag and reduce fuel economy.

  11. Limit Left Turns
    Avoiding left turns when driving can improve the environment, and reduce accidents. This practice was first implemented by UPS, which has a fleet of 120,000 vehicles. By avoiding left turns across traffic, the turning vehicle does not block traffic, which wastes gas for the cars behind, and you do not cross against oncoming traffic (reducing your risk of accidents)

More sustainable and envionmentally concious vacation and business travel suggestions.

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