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If there is one constant in life, it is that things eventually break down. But when they break down in an office, it can seriously affect the company. As such, it is always good to know how to get maintenance done in the building you work in.

All office buildings, shopping centres, and industrial complexes provide some level of general building and office maintenance services. Smaller buildings usually contract out or share staff of a management company, but all the larger buildings usually have on-site staff to handle difficulties as they arise. A call to the building receptionist or security connect you with maintenance services.

A typical building has one maintenance person for every 100,000 square feet of office space to take care of everything from air filters and office electrical outlets to keeping the elevators running.

Maintenance fees are one component of the operating costs on your space, but you should check the lease to review the arrangements are made in each building. Some maintenance items may be charged directly to the tenant, and not part of the building's maintenance costs.

Generally, tenant improvements (special lighting fixtures) other than carpeting are not maintained by the building's maintenance staff. Most buildings will charge extra for installing new electrical outlets and similar "improvement" services.

Cleaning services are generally performed on weekday evenings in office buildings. Because of the high cost of finding, hiring, training, and managing cleaners (usually crews of recent immigrants, speaking a dozen different languages), these cleaning services are usually contracted out to specialized firms. These people clean the garbage, empty ashtrays, and dust desks and office equipment. While staff will turn off lights when done, they are instructed NOT to turn off any computer equipment. Windows typically get cleaned inside and out twice a year in office towers. If you are at ground level, you may need window cleaning more often. Check your lease to see if that is your expense or the building's. Discuss any special cleaning requirements with your building manager.

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