Toronto Coffee Shop Scene

Alternative Grounds Coffee Shop at Dundas and Roncesvalles Toronto has a wide range of coffee shops in the city. These tend to be clustered along Toronto's main streets leading into downtown, at freeway entrances and exits, around shopping malls, strip malls, retail districts, and of course, around subway stations.

There are very high concentrations of coffee shops in the downtown area, in restaurant and nightlife districts, around industrial / business parks, and close to collete and university campuses.

Torontonians have benefitted from the proliferation of the coffee chains, including Canadian ones like Timothy's, Second Cup, and Grabbajabba, but the US ones like Starbuck's.

There are also a number of smaller community-centered coffee establishments that are more homey in nature. We're a small town with a lot of comfortable neighbourhood places to just "go for a coffee."

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Everyone can recommend a restaurant or cofee shop for our listings (please tell us why its "worthy") or you can send us your themed Top 5 list!

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