Winnipeg Coffee Shop Scene

Going out for a cup of coffee in Winnipeg can take one from the ordinary to the breathtaking. Winnipegers love coffee and they love to get together. Coffee shops have filled the need for alcohol-free recreation by providing unique and warm places to enjoy a great cup of coffee. Only a few years ago, you had to think, "where can we go for coffee?" or settle for mundane cafeteria coffee. No longer!

Coyote Cafe at night Winnipeg has a couple of neighbourhoods, known for their pedestrian traffic, which have also become little clusters of coffee culture.

Exchange District
This area, just north of downtown is popular for its old buildings and its proximity to the city's theatre district. I t means it's a fun and classy place to hang out after (or before) work, and also before and after an evening out. The area's old buildings give the area a real "cachet of cool." The Fyxx, Mondragon Bookstore and are popular establishments in this area.

Osborne Street
This area, just across the Assiniboine River from downtown is Winnipeg's bohemian district. The fact it has tons of bars and restaurants means that its coffee shops are also very popular. Why eat when you just want to hang out, and why drink when you want to get to know someone better? Places like Roca Jack's, The Academy are staples here. This neighbourhood also has a number of tea houses as well.

St. Boniface
This is the heart of French Winnipeg, and has many old buildings. There are a number of coffee shops in this area, and with all the people speaking French, it feels almost like Paris (except here they understand your English, too).

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