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What is a Website Audit?

The Website Audit is an independent appraisal of the competitive strengths & weaknesses of your website. You might want to know if you are being over-sold on website design. You might not realize your website features are insufficient for the business goals you've set for your website. A website audit is an important tool to help you understand how well your website works for you, helps recognize deficiencies, and assess its competitiveness in your community and your industry.

Why You Need a Website Audit

CLick to view Table of Contents of a typical Website Audit Report This audit looks at several key factors

  1. Best Practices for today's web design & user interfaces, for happier users
  2. Underlying web page coding, as seen by the eyes of a search engine, for better SEO results.
  3. The impact of new technologies & Social Media, for new opportunities
  4. Customer interactivity and e-commerce system, for greater results
  5. Review your design & graphics, compared to your competition

You will receive a TWENTY PAGE REPORT [Sample Table of Contents], with our observations and our experienced analysis delivered electronically THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

Don’t confuse an integrated Website Audit with a one-dimensional “SEO Audit,” which just looks at web marketing issues.

An independent Website Audit Report will give you the information to ensure you are spending your web dollars prudently.

The Pareto Principle

If you can achieve 80% of the results for 20% of the effort and costs, why spend 5 times that amount to achieve only 25% more expected results? This strategy reduces your required investment, speeds implementation, reduces financial risk, and increases return on investment. Our report includes any Pareto-optimal recommendation for your website.

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