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What We Do

Report Outline

  • Domain Issues
  • Site Structure Issues
  • Web Marketing & SEO Issues
  • Page Coding Issues
  • Appearance Issues
  • Site Content & Usability
  • Interactivity with Users & Customers
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Social Media Issues
  • Mobile Computing Issues
  • Accessibility Issues
  • Competitive Issues

Our basic package:

  • 1/2 day of intensive research and report writing

  • Look at 3 pages of your website in detail

  • Review of navigation to understand scope and scale of your website

  • Look at 5-10 competitors' websites, based on either client-provided shortlist or on search engine investigation

  • 20 TO 30 PAGE REPORT, with appendices [Sample Table of Contents]

  • Digital Report delivered by e-mail, next business day (Monday to Friday)

  • 15 minute phone call to discuss any questions

Fee:   $500 (website under 30 pages)

        $1000 (website over 30 pages)

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