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How DOES your web site stack up?
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Is your website presenting YOU as good as it could? Are you SURE?

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How do you know you're on the right track?

  • Is there someone out there who will look at, and provide website feedback without a vested interest in increasing their future project revenues?

  • Is there someone who has the all-round experience in programming, design, web marketing, and e-commerce to provide an experience-based evaluation which you can act on?

  • Is there someone who can provide this service efficiently, and at a price most businesses can afford?

FoundLocally works with many local web designers, who bring their expertise and judgment to your web project. But often they have their strength and experience in either graphics, programming, e-commerce, or web marketing, but very rarely in all four areas let alone have the experience to understand the business impact of their website decisions.

A Website Audit helps both businesses and web designers, by highlighting a website's strengths and weaknesses before your competitors can adversely impact you.. The Website Audit Report highlights specific deficiencies, many of which can be quickly implemented by your web designer, or indicate strategic directions for more significant steps. The Report helps companies work more effectively with the website designer you prefer to work with.

With more and more customers going online to do their research, before even deciding whom to short-list or whom to call, you cannot afford to have your website portray you as a "yesterday" company.

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